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عنوان : عضویت دکتر آنتونیو سندو (دانشگاه میهایل کوگیالنیچونو، رومانی) در کمیته علمی کنفرانس
تاریخ ارسال : ۱۳۹۲ پنجم شهريور
متن خبر :

   We are pleased to introduce Dr. Stefan Antonio SANDU as the new member of IICM2013 scientific committee

Dr. Stefan Antonio SANDU is an Associate Professor at the University of Iasi, Romania and the Director of Lumen Human and Social Research Center. He has authored nine Academic textbooks, six Monographs, and more than eight Edited Books and Chapters in books in the areas of applied ethics, research methodology in the social sciences, semiotics,social philosophy. Dr. SANDU has also published more than 77 papers in the scientific journals

Some of Dr. SANDU `s recent publications are listed below


SANDU, Antonio (2012) Social Work Practice:Research Techniques and Intervention Models. From Problem Solving to Appreciative Inquiry, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Germany

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Appreciative ethics. Aconstructionist version of ethics, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany. LAPLAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Germany, pg:294,  ISBN 978-3-659-15686-1

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Social Constructionist Epistemology. A transmodern overview, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, GmbH& Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Germany.  ISBN978-3-8484-9732-4, pg: 190

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Fundamente aleştiinţelor sociale, (The foundations of social sciences), Lumen, Iasi, pg:141,  ISBN 978-973-166-305-0

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Filosofie sociala,(Social Philosophy), Lumen, Iași, pg: 189, ISBN 978-973-166-301-2

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Logica și teoriaargumentării, (Logics and argumentation) Lumen, Iași, pg. 153,  ISBN 978-973-166-303-6

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Metode de cercetare in stiinţa comunicarii, (Research methods in communication), Lumen, Iasi, pg.177,ISBN 978-973-166-304-3

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Introducere infilosofie, (Introductio to philosophy), Lumen, Iaşi, pg:194,  ISBN 978-973-166-300-5.

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Managementul excelenteiin cercetarea stiintifica. Grupul de dezbateri apreciative, ( Management ofexcelency. Appreciative debates group. ), Lumen, Iasi, pg: 85, ISBN978-973-166-306-7

Manea, T., Gavrilovici, C., SANDU, A., Oprea,L., Vicol, M., C., Astărăstoae, V., (2013) Teorii etice aplicate relației medicpacient, (Ethics Theories in doctor-patient relationship) pp: 17-53, in Oprea.L., Gavrilovici, C., Vicol, M., C., Astărăstoae, V., (coord.), (2013) Relațiamedic-pacient, (Doctor-patient relationship), Polirom, Iași, pg: 231, ISBN:978-973-46-3493-4

Cojocaru, D., SANDU, A., Oprea, L., (2013). Increderea in relația medic-pacient, (Trust in the doctor-patientrelationship), pp: 95-123, in Oprea. L., Gavrilovici, C., Vicol, M., C.,Astarastoae, V., (coord.), (2013) Relația medic-pacient, (Doctor-patient relationship), Polirom, Iași, pg: 231, ISBN: 978-973-46-3493-4

SANDU, A., Cojocaru, D., Oprea, L., (2013)Autonomia pacientului in contextul ingrijirilor medicale, (Patient autonomy inthe context of medical care), pp: 125-165, in Oprea. L., Gavrilovici, C.,Vicol, M., C., Astarastoae, V., (coord.), (2013) Relația medic-pacient,(Doctor-patient relationship), Polirom, Iași, pg: 231, ISBN: 978-973-46-3493-4



Oprea, L., Cojocaru, D., Sandu, Antonio,Bulgaru-Iliescu, D., The Chronic Care Model (CCM) and the Social Gradient inHealth, Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala,  Iunie 2013, vol. 41, pp. 176-189.ISSN:1583-3410 (print), ISSN: 1584-5397 (electronic) Universitatea “Alexandru IoanCuza” / Holt Romania

Emanuela Alisa Nica, Sandu, Antonio (2013)Study on the National Endoprosthetics study on the National Endoprosthetics Program based on the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and the Kuhn-Tucker Optimality Conditions, Revista Romana de Bioetica, Vol 11, No 1 (2013), pp:134-140, ISSN1583-5170

Sandu, Antonio, Daniela Cojocaru, CristinaGavrilovici, Liviu Oprea (2013) Trust: an Ethical Dimension of Healthcare inChronic Disorders, Revista Romana de Bioetica, Vol 11, No 1 (2013), pp:190-205, ISSN 1583-5170

CARAS, ANA, SANDU, Antonio  (2013) The Role of Supervision in Professional Development of Social Work Specialists, Journal of Social Work Practice: Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community, DOI:10.1080/02650533.2012.763024

SANDU, Antonio (2012) Editorial. Post-modern bio ethical challenges/ Editorial. Provocari bioetica in postmodernitate, Revista Romana de Bioetica, vol. 10, no.1

We are fortunate to have been able to have someone with such experience and expertise

Thank you for joining our scientific committee, Antonio


Jalil Khavand kar- Scientific Committee Chair

International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management-IICM

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