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عنوان : عضویت پروفسور شفقت فاروق (پر استنادترین دانشمند زن جهان اسلام) در کمیته علمی کنفرانس
تاریخ ارسال : ۱۳۹۲ دهم مرداد
متن خبر :

We are pleased to introduce Professor Shafqat Farooq as the new member of IICM2013 scientific committee

   Prof. Farooq, Ex-Deputy Chief Scientist and Director (Academic Planning), PIEAS, is currently working as CEO of AM AgriCon (SMC-Private) Limited. Previously, she has worked for over four years on “Monitoring and Evaluation” and other policy assignments in PAEC Head Office in Islamabad. She graduated from the famous “Government College, Lahore (now University) and Ph.D in Botany from University of the Punjab with specialization in Agriculture Biotechnology. She is the recipient of most prestigious President Award for Pride of Performance (PoP) in 2008, and Award for Excellence in research to increase agricultural productivity in Pakistan, awarded by US National Academy of Sciences and Pakistan Agriculture Research Council in 1994

   Prof. Farooq has to her credit 13 years of post-graduate research experience in the field of Agriculture Biotechnology, 20 years of post-doctoral research experience in the field of Marker Assisted improvement of rice, wheat and cotton using mutation breeding and wide hybridization which also included 24 years experience as leader of the largest scientific research group at NIAB comprising professional scientists, 10 years as Visiting Professor at University of Agriculture,Faisalabad, 4 years as Director (Technical) at PAEC Head Quarter and 3 years as member Senate & Syndicate, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

   Prof. Farooq has 114 publications and the only women scientist in the Entire OIC with >40 publications (in international journals with impact factor) in the field of agriculture/biotechnology. She is a resource person of OIC international training courses on “Science and Technology Policy, Intellectual Property Rights and its Trade Related Aspects (The TRIPs). She has delivered specialized lectures as invited speakers in most prestigious National and international Universities in China, Germany, UAE and USA. She has represented Pakistan at Austria, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy,Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom,and U.S.A


We are fortunate to have been able to have someone with such experience and expertise

Thank you for joining our scientific committee, Shafqat


Jalil Khavand kar- Scientific Committee Chair

International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management IICM

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