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اخبار کنفرانس
عنوان : عضویت پروفسور مروان حداد (دانشگاه النجاه نابلس) در کمیته علمی کنفرانس
تاریخ ارسال : ۱۳۹۲ نهم مرداد
متن خبر :

We are pleased to introduce Professor Marwan Haddad as the new member of IICM2013 scientific committee

   Marwan Haddad is a full professor of environmental engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at An-Najah National University (ANU) in Nablus, Palestine. Prof. Haddad holds a diplom-engineer in structural civil engineering, a master insanitary engineering, and a PhD in environmental-civil engineering. Prof. Haddad established Water and Environmental Studies Center at ANU, directed Civil Engineering department for six years, was the Dean of the college of Engineering, and now directing Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI)at ANU. Prof. Haddad’s main research area is in water quality and resource management. He has published over one hundred eighty papers in his field, and edited over ten international conference proceedings and refereed books.Specifically, Prof. Haddad directed and acted as a team leader of ten’s of major projects in his field sponsored by MERC, BMBF, UNESCO, UNDP/WRAP , UNCTAD,IDRC, SIDA, GTZ, CIDA, DFG, UNESCO-IHE,NIRP, MEDRC, EU-Tempus, PCG, INCO_DC,SCF, PWA, EQA, and others. Prof. Haddad received many national and international awards such as the Fulbright fellowship, the ASCE fellowship, and water international journal paper of the year. Prof. Haddad served and is serving as an editorial board member in and are viewer for several local and international journals in his field

We are fortunate to have been able to have someone with such experience and expertise

Thank you for joining our scientific committee, Marwan


Jalil Khavand kar- Scientific Committee Chair

International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management-IICM

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