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عنوان : پیام دبرا آمیدون؛ تئوریسین و مبدع مفهوم "سرمایه فکری" و بنیانگذار سازمان بین المللی اینتویشن خطاب به دکتر جلیل خاوندکار دبیر دومین کنفرانس بین المللی مدیریت سرمایه فکری
تاریخ ارسال : ۱۳۸۹ شانزدهم مهر
متن خبر :

Dear Dr. Khavandkar


Years ago, when I first introduced the concept of‘intellectual capital’ to the science and technology community, I never dreamedhow powerful the impact. Nor did I imagine how fundamentally it would transform:

-       how businesses could be managed,

-       how industries would evolve, or

-       how nations might interact and prosper…together.

Today – and thanks to the research rigor ofcommunities like IICM, our progress has been inevitable and kaleidoscopic.There is a positive compounding effect being awakened in every corner of theglobe – industrialized, developing and transitional economies. Finally, we havean asset to manage that is a multiplier – the more it is shared, the more itgrows. The global innovation ecology is born…

With this premise, we establish a foundation for alevel playing field – one where we will build upon the strengths of oneanother…not compete for resources as in the 20th Century. Instead,the core competence of the 21st Century is the art of ‘CollaborativeAdvantage’…and therein lays the challenge. We are experts at competing; but weare novices at building meaningful interaction across functions, sectors,industries and nations.

Consider the Triple Knowledge Lens:

   OurKnowledge-based ECONOMY includes an explosion of new knowledge markets,disruptive forms of global commerce and a plethora of business models rangingfrom innovation competitions to knowledge banks. A newprofession of Knowledge Innovation Economics has emerged. 

   OurKnowledge-based SOCIETY includes unprecedented acceptance of social mediatools to build networks and cultivate communities across geographic and virtualboundaries. Renewed value has been place on culture – corporate and country. Interdependence, not independence, has become the norm.

   OurKnowledge-based INFRASTRUCTURE includes how organizations interact. It includesthe environment – its cultivation and preservation. And it includes thetechnology as an enabler and driver of innovation progress. We can architect a future.

This has been a year of enormous challenge –economic, social and political. Do not underestimate the importance of the workyou do and the value of the insights you will glean over the next couple ofdays. Treat every interaction as a gift. Seek new perspectives…new colleagues.Challenge your assumptions. Connect people you discover with one another. Andlet every conversation being the beginning of a dialogue - to be continued.

Knowledge is valuable only when it moves – fromthe point of insight to the point of application. My understanding is that theconference organizers have carried this agenda into the selection of papers andthe agenda. There is good reason.

Innovation – IC in motion – isthe instrument for World Peace.

I envy your conference participants having theopportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss how best to implement theseconcepts into new standards of practice. I look forward to being briefed onyour collective findings.


Please keep me apprised of your progress.

Always in your Network,


Debra M. Amidon

Founder and CEO

Entovation International

Massachusetts, United States of America

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