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A message from Prof. Dr.M.Shamsul Haque, Northern University of Bangladesh


Human intellect has been the source of all advancement in human history especially fromthe beginning of adoption of agriculture before 10,000 years. Such advancementin science and technology has brought tremendous improvement in the lives of millionsof the people all over the world. However the level of advancement has beenunequally distributed among the people within a country and between countriesthat left over a billion people in poverty mostly in the developing countries.


Since the beginning of the industrial revolution in Europe in 18th centurytechnological innovative brought new products and services mostly  in the western world. This was due toaccumulation of human capital through investment in quality education andresearch resulting in faster accumulation of intellectual capital.  That empowered the European countries to colonize rest of world.  Islamic countries lagged far behind in  human capital development under colonialrules. Even after independence after the second world war poor governance andsocial instability persisted in many of the developing countries. For that accumulationof intellectual capital has been very slow. That has made these countries dependenton the developed world.



IICM conference last year and this year are new initiatives in the Islamic nationsto highlight the role of intellectual capital in changing our lives for thebatter. Just to mention two innovation in the Islamic world, the Islamicbanking system and microfinance in Bangladesh have proved as viable alternativeto the traditional banking system of the west. Establishment of privateuniversities also another such an innovation that is contributing tointellectual capital formation in these countries.  


I wish IICM conference of 2010 a grand success and I look forward to receive theproceeding of the conference.


Prof.Dr.M.Shamsul Haque

International Northern University of Bangladesh


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