مقالات بین المللی پذیرفته شده مقالات شفاهی نشست ملی مقالات پوستری نشست ملی محورها و راهنمای ارسال مقاله
مقالات دریافتی
  Code Title
1 ICMAT0061564 Determinants of Optimal Capital Structure, A Case of Pakistani Companies Listed In Karachi Stock Exchange
2 ICMAT0061565 Developing a heuristic algorithm for reckoning the honorable job positions in NIORDC.
3 ICMAT0021566 Measuring Intellectual capital and investigate the association between the intellectual capital and financial returns of companies"
4 ICMAT0061567 Determination of Human Composition Using Assignment Model with Regard to Department Life Cycle
5 ICMAT0061568 Introducing Knowledge Management Roles and Responsibilities and Organizational Structure and Methods of Implementing in Theories and Global Research
6 ICMAT0051574 Examining the impact of trade creation diversion on  Regional trade agreement
7 ICMAT0061575 ايجاد يك سيستم خبره (تخصصي) براي انتخاب اثر بخش و تعيين متقاضيان شغل در مديريت منابع انساني
8 ICMAT0051576 Assessing the Privatization of Iranian Banking Industry: An Intellectual Capital Performance Perspective
9 ICMAT0021578 Social capital in zanjan city
10 ICMAT0061579 Survey influences of utilization of IT (Information Technology) on the decision making of managers
11 ICMAT0021580 امکان سنجی پیاده سازی نظام چرخش شغلی در واحدهای منطقه پنج دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی
12 ICMAT0031581 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Competition Law Enforcement
13 ICMAT0061582 IHRM and Effective Global Staffing Systems in the Iranian Context: An Exploration of Staffing Roles for HR Manager's in Iranian Organizations and other MNC's
14 ICMAT0021583 Intellectual Capital Collection for Improve and Increase Research Modality via Virtual Connection between Scientist and Technologist
15 ICMAT0051584 Steps for Forecasting of Foreign Currency Exchange Rates using Artificial Neural Network: A Case Study
16 ICMAT0061585 نظام جامع و يكپارچه  مديريت و توسعه سرمايه انساني مزيت رقابتي و استراتژيك بنگاه هاي اقتصادي
17 ICMAT0061586 Analyzing the Cost-Benefit of Participatory Management System (The Case study of Yazd Electricity Company)
18 ICMAT0061587 An Exploration of Intellectual Capital Concept and knowledge sharing barriers in today's Organizations and Firms
19 ICMAT0061588 An Exploration of Intellectual Capital Notion in the Organizations by Implementing Learning Organizations and Quantum Skills Strategies
20 ICMAT0051589 Exploitation intellectual capital of reaction with economic capitals for innovation and economic growth
21 ICMAT0031590 Seat return system C.G.A
22 ICMAT0061591 Goal oriented management of thought investment by using Fish Bone figure
23 ICMAT0061592 Knowledge Management in Organization with  SLOM  Model
24 ICMAT0021593 Evaluation and Classification of Intellectual Capital Management Approaches
25 ICMAT0021594 Presenting a method for IC measurement based on thio
26 ICMAT0021595 Promoting Cooperative "Takaful" to Commercial "Takaful" Status for Societal Regeneration: A Case Study of A. A. Zubairu Initiative
27 ICMAT0061596 Review commonication between intangible asset and EFQM criteria 
28 ICMAT0061597 Examining the impact of Intellectual capital on organizational structure
29 ICMAT0061598 A Model for Implementation of Integrate Knowledge Management System
30 ICMAT0071599 The Importance of Innovation and Learning Management and the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rules in IRAN
31 ICMAT0021600 Investigating the relationship between intellectual capital and indices performance assessment
32 ICMAT0011601 Conceptual Study of Intellectual capital dynamics in Universities and Research Centers; Introducing Present Indexes and Challenges  (Research Review in European) 
33 ICMAT0011604 Challenges of implementing knowledge management
34 ICMAT0061606 Conflict in Functional structures
35 ICMAT0071607 Study of prospect knowledge management with of the ICT
36 ICMAT0041608 Accountability in the Strategic and Managerial Arrangement of the systems
37 ICMAT0061609 The importance of intellectual capital concept in the governmental public service organizations
38 ICMAT0061610 Weighting employee’s performance appraisal indicators aiming intellectual capital development in public sector organizations
39 ICMAT0021612 Valuation of Intellectual Property, The Real Option Approach
40 ICMAT0051613 Human capital and economic growth, with a combination approach using human capital index and panel data
41 ICMAT0051614 University Intellectual Capital Services to Society, industry and Government
42 ICMAT0061615 Role and Functions of Intellectual property Management in Firms
43 ICMAT0011616 Literature Review of Intellectual Capital(Definitions, Categories, and Models)
44 ICMAT0061617 On Staff Motivation Theories, Methods and Solutions
45 ICMAT0051618 The Anatomy of Endogenous Development: The survey of systematic relations among the education, the human capital formation and the economic development
46 ICMAT0071619 Developing &increasing creativity &innovation in the organization
47 ICMAT0021620 Clarifying the Relationship between Social Capital and Intellectual Capital
48 ICMAT0061621 Knowledge management system, a reality or an imagination?
49 ICMAT0021622 Intellectual capital measurement in universities: A case of study in ferdowsi university
50 ICMAT0011623 Social Capital in Iran, Challenges and Solousiones
51 ICMAT0061624 Survey the role of learning organizations in  effective decision making
52 ICMAT0051625 Human Capital, Knowledge Based Economy and the Position of Iran among Developing Countries
53 ICMAT0071626 ویژگی های دانشگران خاص در معاونت برش و پرس ایران خودرو
54 ICMAT0061628 Empirical Study of Intellectual Capital Management by Using Organizational Think Tank (OTT)
55 ICMAT0061629 Using risk and strategic management to secure in order to realize the goals of organization
56 ICMAT0061630 The rule of organizational knowledge management in successful implementation of “enterprise  resource planning” projects
57 ICMAT0061631 The Impact Of Information Technology on Islamic azad  university  south Tehran branch productivity
58 ICMAT0061632 An investigating into the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Innovation
59 ICMAT0021633 analysis and assessment of intellectual capital and intangible assets
60 ICMAT0011635 The Role Of Incubators In Formation Of Social Capital For Entrepreneurs
61 ICMAT0061636 Clarifying the Mental Health of Teachers of Kermanshah City based on Social Capital Theory
62 ICMAT0061637 Clarifying Organizational Citizenship Behavior Role in Speedup of Social Capital Accumulation
63 ICMAT0061638 Intellectual capital Management
64 ICMAT0071639 On the Impacts of Process Approach on the Social Capital Formation
65 ICMAT0061640 A study of knowledge management infrastructures in shiraz university libraries from manager and librarian’ viewpoint
66 ICMAT0061641 Emotional and cultural  intelligence  two important components of intellectual capital the global managers in the success path
67 ICMAT0021642 intangible assets ,the measurement method and type
68 ICMAT0051643 economic aspects of intellectual property rights
69 ICMAT0051644 Evaluation of intellectual property rights effects on innovation and technology transfer
70 ICMAT0011645 A Typology of Dimensions of Intellectual Capital in Organization 
71 ICMAT0021646 A Theoretical Experimental Comparison of Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Performance in Organization 
72 ICMAT0021647 A Theoretical Comparison of Explanation Models of Intellectual Capital
73 ICMAT0011648 scrutiny of accounting roles in programming of organizational resources
74 ICMAT0021649 A Typology of Intellectual Capital Measurement Models in Organizations
75 ICMAT0021650 A Theoretical Comparison of Monetary Models of Intellectual Capital
77 ICMAT0021652 تحلیل مدلهای سنجش مبتنی بر سرمایه بازار
78 ICMAT0011654 Preparing a Model for investigating impact of intellectual capital management on organizations performance
79 ICMAT0071655 Study the relationship between the management of principals knowledge and teachers job satisfaction
80 ICMAT0011656 Compilating Knowledge-Base and Automation in service Logestics
81 ICMAT0031657 Developing countiries and protection of intellectual property rights
82 ICMAT0061658 Design and implement of knowledge management system(case study)
83 ICMAT0021659 Tahlile modelhaye sanjesh mobtani bar sarmaye bazar
84 ICMAT0061660 Partnership and the leaky bucket community development principle as a key point in social capital accumulation
85 ICMAT0021661 روش های تنظیم ترازنامه اظهار نامه و گزارش سرمایه
86 ICMAT0021662 The Intellectual capital as a value creator capital
87 ICMAT0021663 An investigation of the relationship between intellectual           
88 ICMAT0071664 Intellectual Capital Management and Entrepreneurship In Universities(certain survey Entrepreneur center of Yazd University)
89 ICMAT0051665 احصای سرمایه فکری ، ملی ، منطقه ای و شهری ...
90 ICMAT0011666 The relationship between Job-Satisfaction and Work- Family spill over and Family- Work in Isfahan Hall City employee (Centrall &Forty parts)
91 ICMAT0061667 Managers and Intellectual capital position in their thoughts
92 ICMAT0061669 Office Automation & Its Role in Development of Organizations Information asset
93 ICMAT0061670 Investigation of Intellectual capital readiness measuring process To convert intangible assets to tangible consequences
94 ICMAT0021671 Value finding of Intellectual capital in companies financial operations
95 ICMAT0061672 Organizational Knowledge Management Maturity Models
96 ICMAT0051673 Managment capital think and math
97 ICMAT0021674 Valuation of intellectual capital
98 ICMAT0061676 Figure of intangible assets to be strategic focused organization
99 ICMAT0011677 Study of Economic Rationality Conception in Sociology Thoughts and Bureaucracy Growth Model
100 ICMAT0021678 An Investigation Of Intellectual Capital Impact On Firms' Market Value
101 ICMAT0061679 The impact of intellectual capital on corporate value, with regard to corporate governance
102 ICMAT0061680 Intellectual capital management: the role of eGovernment in developing intellectual capital in public sector organizations
103 ICMAT0021681 The indexies of the intellectual capital measurment in companies and higher education system
104 ICMAT0021682 Intellectual capital: An indicator for measurement of organization performance
105 ICMAT0021683 Measuring Intellectual Capital in Healthcare Sector using Analytic Network Process
106 ICMAT0021684 A Comprehensive Review of Scorecard Methods for Measuring Intellectual Capital
107 ICMAT0011685 the framework of concepts and intellectual-human capital
108 ICMAT0031686 Intellectual minorities’ rights-commercial signs and invented right
109 ICMAT0071687 nvestment and intellectual entrepreneurship Herald intellectual capital of university research centers. Production. Health care. Sports. Cultural. Henry. . . .
110 ICMAT0061688 The presentation of a conceptual model in the process of converting human force into strategic capital  
111 ICMAT0061689 Role of information technology as a substructure in Knowledge Management
112 ICMAT0021690 Human Resource Accounting-A New Dimension
113 ICMAT0041691 Some applications of mathematical modeling methods in the Tajik language: IC in heritage
114 ICMAT0061692 survey of learning capacity models in learning organization:systemic approach prefrence
115 ICMAT0021693 Evaluating & measuring human resources value in nonprofit educational organizations
116 ICMAT0041694 Inter-language normalization of some groups of word forms in Tajik language: Social in heritage
117 ICMAT0021695 Examination of  intellectual capital context and its measurement methods
118 ICMAT0061696 Application of Linear Programming for Evaluating Knowledge Management Systems
119 ICMAT0061697 The pathology of the conformity of the branches of Islamic Azad University with the characteristic of the learning organizations:
120 ICMAT0021698 Models and methods of intellectual capital accounting
121 ICMAT0021699 The exploring of a model for measurement and report of intellectual capital in universities
122 ICMAT0051700 بررسی نقش فناوری اطلاعات بر رشد اقتصادی در کشورهای چشم انداز
123 ICMAT0051701  اثر سرمايه گذاري تحقيق و توسعه( R&D ) بر بهره وری و اندازه بنگاه صنعتي درکدهاي دو رقمي ISIC(ویرایش دوم-1386-1374)
124 ICMAT0041702 اثر سرمايه هاي اجتماعي بر بهره‌وري نيروي كار در اقتصاد ايران
125 ICMAT0051704 Intellectual  capital, instrument of economic development
126 ICMAT0061705 Stractural factors influencing knowledge creation and innovation
127 ICMAT0061706 Knowledge management.human resource management.business competeness
128 ICMAT0011707 The Study of relationsheep between intellectual  capital  and social capital
129 ICMAT0021708 IT Investment Evaluating : Fuzzy Activity-Based Costing think
130 ICMAT0011709 Study of Relationship Between Social Capital And Intellectual Capital
131 ICMAT0021710 Intellectual capital disclosure and valuing with game theory
132 ICMAT0011711 A Conceptual Model of Intellectual Capital
133 ICMAT0011712 A Presentation of Conceptual Model of Innovation Management Role on Knowledge Management
134 ICMAT0061713 A Typology of Structural Requirements of Knowledge Management in Organizations
135 ICMAT0061714 A survey of relationship between Managers competitive intelligence and Azerbaijan Shargy province small industries
136 ICMAT0061715 Study Influence of Intellectual Capital on Improving Innovation in Organization""
137 ICMAT0061716 Tourism destinations' brand: position & challenges
138 ICMAT0021718 ارزشگذاری داراییهای فکری
139 ICMAT0061719 A new approach to knowledge management in increative organizations
140 ICMAT0061720 A survey on Characteristics of IC- knowledge based Organizations and Intellectual Capital Notion in Nowadays Management
141 ICMAT0021721 تعیین ارزش پولی منابع انسانی یا حسابداری منابع انسانی
142 ICMAT0041722 Intellectual capital dimensions and corporations legitimacy
143 ICMAT0061723 دانش تصميم گيري در مديريت منابع انساني و سرمايه فكري شايستگان
144 ICMAT0061724 On-line and on-time bartering on intellectual capital (IC
145 ICMAT0071725 effective of deision making as an intellectual capital in the virtual teams
146 ICMAT0021726 طراحی وتبیین مدل شناسایی وارزیابی سرمایه فکری سازمان
147 ICMAT0021727 Credit Derivatives: Investments and Risk Management
148 ICMAT0021728 Review of the prediction power of Altman and Ohlson Models in predicting bankruptcy of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange – Iran
149 ICMAT0061729 CIO challenges in Technological Management
150 ICMAT0021730 Modeling of notion capital in 21 century organizations
151 ICMAT0011731 study the human resource  management status in small industries
152 ICMAT0061732 Seven Brand Management Approaches
153 ICMAT0051733 intellectual property
154 ICMAT0061735 analysis capital intellectual using fuzzy logic
155 ICMAT0051736 electronic business and knowledge management
156 ICMAT0061737 Knowledge and intellectual capital sharing barriers integrated communication- barriers based model
157 ICMAT0061738 Proposing a National Innovation System for IRAN
158 ICMAT0061740 Figure of intangible assets to be strategic focused organization
159 ICMAT0041741 Web 2.0: Networking Communities to Develop Intellectual Capital in Education 2.0
160 ICMAT0011742 role of customer loyalty in development of relationship capital
161 ICMAT0021743 Module of notion capital in 21 century organizations
162 ICMAT0061744 Role of Intellectual Capital in Science and Technology Parks (Case of institutes located in University of Tehran Science & Technology Park)
163 ICMAT0061745 Explaining  the approch to get the faster learning organization
164 ICMAT0061746 Knowledge management, Intellectual Capital & Inovation Process
165 ICMAT0011747 Survey correspond the social capital on social participation youth
166 ICMAT0011748 Sociological approach to the role of social capital in the development of the society
167 ICMAT0061750 بررسی نقش سرمایه های اجتماعی و فکری در جهت رشد و توسعه
168 ICMAT0061751  حل مشكل ، يا مسئله  با استفاده از سرمايه هاي فكري در سازمان هاي دولتي
169 ICMAT0011752 Social Capital
170 ICMAT0021753 intellectual capital reporting
171 ICMAT0061754 survey on relationship between intellectual capital and organizational learning to enhance competitive advantage of business
172 ICMAT0011755 Survey correspond the social capital on social participation youth
173 ICMAT0071756 Enterprunership , define and discusion
174 ICMAT0011757 The role of social capital in knowledge Sharing and creation of intellectual capital
175 ICMAT0061758 A Model to Performance Assessment in Product Innovation Management
176 ICMAT0061759 Survey the status of interaction of martyrs and employees of devoted’s affairs with families of the Shahed and Altruist
177 ICMAT0021760 An Investigation of the Role of Corporate Governance in Intellectual Capital Disclosure
178 ICMAT0061761 CKO” and ICM in organizations: Roll, tools "
179 ICMAT0021762 intellectual property assest
180 ICMAT0011763 Study of   of  knowledge assets with company performance improvement and also company added value and propose  knowledge assets value creation map   model
181 ICMAT0011764 Knowledge Management and Scientific Information Analysis in IRAN (IRANDOC)
182 ICMAT0011765 Intellectual property and intellectual capital: A new classification model
183 ICMAT0011767 Assessment of personnel Identity characteristics, a way to intellectual capital management in organizations
184 ICMAT0011769 A Management Commentary(MC) framework for IC statement and reports in non-regulatory environments: SMEs Prospect
185 ICMAT0061770 influences of Human Resources Management
186 ICMAT0041771 The analysis of the arab students in learning Persian pronunciation
187 ICMAT0021772 Recognition of Intellectual Capitals and Measuring Indexes for Informatic (IT & ICT) Companies
188 ICMAT0041773 Virtual education an indispensable approach for upgrading the intellectual assets of agricultural communities
189 ICMAT0061774 Hegelian Inquiring Organizations: An effective approach for creating knowledge in Think Thanks
190 ICMAT0061775 The status of job satisfaction teachers and educators area one Share Rey
191 ICMAT0021776 IC and measurement models
192 ICMAT0041777 role of social capital in development
193 ICMAT0041778 affects of government and media on SC
194 ICMAT0041779 SC:base of economic,political and cultural deve;lopment
195 ICMAT0011780 Function of telework in creating employment and survey faculty study of the Rood hen branch students awareness degree from telework
196 ICMAT0021782 the analiysis andevaluation of human capital management maturity level in public sector organizations in esfahan
197 ICMAT0071783 The role of operational managers in developing human capital
198 ICMAT0071784 Individual and organizational outcomes of enabling human capital
199 ICMAT0071785 بررسی رابطه بین کارآفرینی و توسعه شهری(مورد مطالعه:شهرستان رفسنجان
200 ICMAT0071786 Evaluate the effect of providing entrepreneurial approach to entrepreneurial course learners
201 ICMAT0061787 Organizational Knowledge Management Maturity Models
202 ICMAT0061788 The Role of Intellectual Capital Management in Valuating the Intangible Assets of the Organization
203 ICMAT0011789 The Study of relationsheep between intellectual  capital  and social capital
204 ICMAT0061790 Information Management of Human Science
205 ICMAT0021791 Research is examine the effects of employment in human resource accounting of historical cost model in financial statements in accepted companies in stock exchange of Tehran
206 ICMAT0021793 Activity-Based Costing in manufacturing companies
207 ICMAT0021794 Accounting for intellectual capital and intangible assets
208 ICMAT0021795 apprising of peformance by using of bsc card in national gass company in kurdestan province
209 ICMAT0011799 women role humen development
210 ICMAT0051800 Investigating the effect of Risk Aversion on the Dynamic Selection of the Optimum Portfolio
211 ICMAT0061802 the challenges of enviromental factors for konwledge management implementing
212 ICMAT0061803 Business intelligence approach of ISP service management with Self organizing map and fuzzy logic
213 ICMAT0011805 Intellectual capital measurement in university: Pathway to value creation
214 ICMAT0061807 Intellectual Capital
215 ICMAT0031808 The concept of information product as electronic object of CIS law
216 ICMAT0061809 intellectual capital & management
217 ICMAT0021810 Intellectual Capital , return on Assets and return on Equity in Iranian Companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange
218 ICMAT0071811 Knowledge strategic management by organization life cycle in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
219 ICMAT0021812 Intellectual capital report in research organizations (ACECR case study
220 ICMAT0061813 Impact of intellectual property on the performance of small and medium enterprises within the service sector
221 ICMAT0021814 Valuing and identifying quantitative value for human capital in organizations
222 ICMAT0011815 Legal Infrastructures of Trademark Protection as an Intellectual Capital
223 ICMAT0011816 Human Capital or Intellectual Capital? The Roll of Intellectual Capital in Process of Human Development
224 ICMAT0061817 Human capital strategic plan:The model of collection and implementation in the governmental organizations of Zanjan province
225 ICMAT0021820 dimensions and models for assessment of intellectual capital
226 ICMAT0051821 An Investigation of the Effects of Intellectual Capital Factors on Economic Growth
227 ICMAT0061822 Innovation and Intellectual Capitals Management  Study of Textile and Non-Metallic Mineral in Small and Medium Sized Industries in Yazd Province
228 ICMAT0061823 Human capital management for Regional Development by Human Network Design An Experiment in the region of Aran and Bidgol
229 ICMAT0031824 Intellectual Capital as a Factor of Production
230 ICMAT0061825 Level of saticfaction from socialization tactics based on jones model in gas company
231 ICMAT0011826 A Typology of knowledge classification bases
232 ICMAT0061827 Using IT in Training Human Capitals And Getting More Skills
233 ICMAT0021828 Examine the effects of employment historical cost model for human resource accounting in financial statement of companies
234 ICMAT0061829 A Review on the research context on Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Corporations
235 ICMAT0011830 Social capital and organization performanc with indicat to intellectual capital
236 ICMAT0051831 Intellectual capital, new strategy of organization development
237 ICMAT0031832 copyright in light of deterrent punishment of criminal law
238 ICMAT0061833 Intellectual Property Management: the case of RIPI
239 ICMAT0061834 Studying the relation of social capital with knowledge sharing: a case study
240 ICMAT0061835 Determinants and Effects of Child Labor in Agriculture Sector in Bangladesh
241 ICMAT0061836 Intellectual Capital and Transformational Leadership Style: a Case Study in Iran Telecommunication’s SME
242 ICMAT0061837 Development of Open Institutional Repositories and Roles in Academic Intellectual Capital Management
243 ICMAT0061838 Assessment center design and development for managers of organizations
244 ICMAT0041839 Collaborative Learning: A Step toward Intellectual Capital
245 ICMAT0061840 Application of Organizational Learning Patterns at Promoting Cultural Intelligence in Learning Organizations
246 ICMAT0071841 Intellectual capital, vigilant leadership, Entrepreneurship, value creation
247 ICMAT0021843 A model for Analytical Evaluation of components of IC
248 ICMAT0061844 knowledge management
249 ICMAT0031845 A model to evaluation components of intellectual capital
250 ICMAT0041846 Measuring organizational and occupational attitude of staff In governmental organizations of Zanjan province
251 ICMAT0011847 The study of social capital theoretically and examplaing Its components.
252 ICMAT0071848 Analysis of  universities’  Intellectual Capital(IC)  based  on knowledge  management  view
253 ICMAT0061849 ارزيابي مشتري‌مداري در شهرداريهاي استان مازندران: شاهد تجربی شهرداريهاي نوشهر و چالوس
254 ICMAT0021850 Intellectual capital : tomorrows asset , todays challenge
255 ICMAT0051851 The Anatomy of the Endogenous Development: The survey of systematic relations among the education, the human capital formation and the economic development
256 ICMAT0011852 Intellectual Property Management (IPM) in Oil Industry
257 ICMAT0011853 The role of Social Capital in Social  Security Sense( Study of Studens of Engineering of Payame Noor University of Tabriz
258 ICMAT0061854 Management Constitution, Necessity Of Institutionalazing Merritocracy
259 ICMAT0061855 resultant of the role of library & communication & information technology in knowledge management & intellectual capital
260 ICMAT0011856 An investigation the role of organizational citizenship behavior in creating  social capital
261 ICMAT0061859 Evaluation the Scale of Knowledge Management in Organazations
262 ICMAT0071860 كارآفريني: فرصت¬ها و محدوديت¬هاي پيش روي زنان
263 ICMAT0071861 Acquiring Model of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) in Universities
264 ICMAT0061862 Impact of knowledge sharing and absorptive capacity on innovation capability
265 ICMAT0021863            بررسي رفتار فرهنگي حسابداران و رابطه آن با اخلاق حرفه اي
267 ICMAT0011865 Comparative Review of Intellectual Capital Models and Dingning of a Model
268 ICMAT0011866 The Intellectual Capital’s Position in the Measurement Models of National Knowledge Assess
269 ICMAT0061867 Evaluation the Level of Knowledge Management in Universities
270 ICMAT0021868 mesuring and assessing intellectual capital in banking sector
272 ICMAT0051870 Human Capital and National Saving in Iran, 1976-2007
273 ICMAT0011871 Human leverage
274 ICMAT0031872 Studying and comparison Intellectual property rights in software protection between Iran and International Laws on the cyber environment
275 ICMAT0071873 The role of social capital in industrial cluster innovation
276 ICMAT0061874 Analyze human capital competitiveness in Iran automobile industries
277 ICMAT0061875 Intellectual capital and brand management
278 ICMAT0061876 کاربرد فناوری اطلاعات در آموزش سرمایه های انسانی و ارتقاء مهارت حرفه ای
279 ICMAT0041877 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Knowledge Society
280 ICMAT0021878 ارائه مدلي جهت ارزيابي دانش سازماني در سازمانهاي دانش محور، منطبق با اهداف استراتژيك
281 ICMAT0041879 Impact of organizational citizenship behavior on social capital
282 ICMAT0071880 بررسی جایگاه تصویرپردازی ذهنی و فضای مجازی در رشد سرمایه های فکری
283 ICMAT0021881 مدل های اندازه گیری سرمایه فکری
284 ICMAT0061882 A Cognitive Approach to the Value of Information
285 ICMAT0051883 Privitization meanings, methods and cases- a short note
286 ICMAT0011884 Formulating Generic strategies for Intellectual Capital Management based on Strategic Reference Points
287 ICMAT0061885 ‍Creative and Innovative Organization as an Intellectual Capital Perspective for Management on Education
288 ICMAT0021886 The necessity of Professional Ethics in Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses Owners as Intellectual Capital of the Society
289 ICMAT0021887 A system for organizing intellectual properties emanating from publicly financed researches
290 ICMAT0011888 Framework for Managing and Measuring Intellectual Capital
291 ICMAT0011889 Challenge of Intellectual Capital Development through Higher Education
292 ICMAT0011890 New training technologies: IC ground for advanced teaching
294 ICMAT0011892 World financial crisis: reasons and possible IC solutions in the case of Tajikistan
295 ICMAT0021893 Valuation of Intellectual Capital – A Contextual Study
296 ICMAT0011894 A model of role The Entrepreneurial University in Human Capital development
297 ICMAT0011895 Creative ways of Human Capital Engagement Strategies in turbulent times
298 ICMAT0041897 Religious Development, Developing Intellectual Capital
299 ICMAT0041898 Sociology of Science and Technology: exploring research status and barriers to scientific development in Zanjan province
كليه حقوق اين وب‌سايت محفوظ برای کنفرانس بین‌المللی مدیریت سرمایه فکری
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