Title : The IICM2013 Posters Challenge Q&A Session began
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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In this session 4papers will be presented:


  • An Overlooked of Intellectual Liabilities within the Intellectual Capital

(Mohammadghorban Mehri, BagherShamszadeh, Mohammed Sangiru Umar)

  • Human Resources Balanced Scorecard in Networked Organizations: The Experience of Tehran Neighborhood Councils

(Mohammad Ali Sarlak, YasharSalamzadeh, Hiroko Kesim Kawamorita)

  • A Study of the Relationship between Intellectual Property Rights and Organizational Performance: The Mediating Role of Open Innovation

(Kiarash Fartash, Seyed Mehdi MousaviDavoudi)

  • The Mediator Role of Knowledge Sharing on the Impact of Organizational Memory on Intellectual Capital

(Mahdi Dehghani, Elahe GhahriShirinabadi, Hamidreza Altaha)

The IICM2013 PostersChallenge Q&A Session began

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