Title : Erkan Iscimen from UDE Corporate and Personal Development International Limited, Turkey began his workshop
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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Intellectual Capital Management as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (summary)
Determining, developing and managing sustainable competitive advantages (SCAs), is one of the main approaches in order to competing in your industry. This workshop suggests intellectual capital elements could be an effective SCA, because of their unique/inimitable structure.
This workshop will assist attendees in determining potential SCAs for their own businesses in terms of IC concepts. Attendees are expected to find out at least a sample for each IC concept. Following this exercise, there will be comparison study considering their real competitors in terms of their own IC samples. At the end of the workshop, every attendee would attain “a potential IC elements list” for their own businesses in order to utilize as sustainable competitive advantage in the future. 
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