Title : Dr. Shafqat Farooq formAM AgriCon-SMC-Private Limited, Pakistan began her induction session
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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Special Induction Session : Introduction to Am AgriCon: a quality management, R&D, and consultancy services provider company from Pakistan (summary)
AM AgriCon (SMC-PVT) limited is a consultancy company formally registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) through CUI No. 0084165 and is aimed at providing consultancy services to Small and resource poor farmers, Students, Scientists, Agri- entrepreneur, Agribusiness companies, Government and private research organizations, Universities, Agri-Institutions and others. The experts are available in quality management, specifically to provide help in preparation of documents required for ISO certification, agriculture, horticulture, soil science, soil microbiology and biochemistry, marketing, and biotechnology to provide solutions to the problems faced by the agriculture community. Our experts excels at monitoring and evaluation, third party evaluation, impact assessment, policy drafting, policy review, policy formulations, feasibility studies and risk assessment 
We specifically inclined to help students in planning and conduction of experiments, collection of data, and analysis of data, literature review, thesis writing, project writing, paper writing and review of these three entities. We would be happy to provide consultancy to the women agri-scientists to set up agri-entrepreneur. The particular “Forms” are available at company’s website (www.amagricon.com) at “Downloads”. You are free to contact us as when the need may arise and we will provide all and best of our services to help you any time anywhere in all your ongoing and future endeviours 
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