Title : Dr. Cihan Varol from Sam Houston State University, USA began his oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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Collaboration Between College and Industry (summary)
Abstract: While the industry is looking for fresh engineering graduates equipped with strong theoretical and application skills, the curriculum of engineering schools in Turkey mostly cover theoretical concepts. This yields the industry to practically train new employees to fulfill the job requirement. Thus, this is not only financially hurts the industry, but also resulted in less productivity. 
In order to address this issue, Higher Education Council of Turkey established a new educational stream called School of Technology where their graduates have been trained by both theoretical and application oriented curriculum. While 40 percent of the degree work is based on practical courses, also the students are required to complete a full semester working in the industry. 
There are 21 College of Technology in Turkey that train engineers in different areas of engineering, such as software engineering, energy system engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics, digital forensics, etc. Since, the knowledge management between schools and industry is very important to train students as an initiative manner and offer them a qualified training in the industry; we created a new regulation and built a new flow chart management system that has been applied to our students at Firat University. 
In this work, a survey has been applied to the industry personnel to evaluate our prior evaluation system for internships to discuss about its strengths and weaknesses. Then, we discuss about a flow chart management system created to follow the success of the students during their workplace training in the industry. Considering our new flow chart and findings from the survey, we will not only evaluate the student success, but also discuss the possible improvements on the Schools of Technology’s programs. 
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