Title : Dr. George Chiladze from Samtskhe-Javakheti State University, Georgia began his oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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Perspectives on Development of Intellectual Property in Georgia (summary)
Abstract: Every effort should be made to develop the process of harmonization of legislation and economic institutions of Georgia towards the streamlining of the rules of intellectual property. This concerns not only the process of conformity and the correlation of the legislation of the Georgian republic to the legal requirements of the European countries, but no less importantly, the consideration of the realities which our country will be facing during the busy commodity-money exchange with the countries of near and far East, especially with the states directly bordering with Georgia. 
One key area is the accession of Georgia to the new conventions and agreements, to trade agreements of Asian Countries. The vector of the country’s economic development is to be shifted in this direction and Georgia should take its traditional place defined by centuries ago. 
A serious consideration is required about the expansion of the information space of the country jurisdictions which is inextricably linked with preparation and adoption of a comprehensive Law of Georgia "On information and its legal regulation." 
It is necessary to make corrections, amendments and addenda to the Georgian legislation regulating the field of intellectual creativity. This applies both to material legal and procedural legal norms. The adjournment of this process will not be beneficiary for Georgia both in strategic and purely economic terms. One striking example is the “Design Law” of Georgia, the adoption of which only became possible in 2010, although as an expert, I have spoken on this subject not only once since 1998. The result - the country has lost tens of thousands of GEL in the form of lost revenues in the national budget. 
It is required to make a clear legal delineation of the business interests from the interests of free use of the Internet space. Georgia should refrain from the accession procedures to all international treaties and agreements which provide for the severe curtail of the one or another, or both above stated interests. The state should not try to impose censorship on the Internet (for example, through the introduction of SOPA) and the creation of a state monopoly. 
It is necessary to continue to actively support the "Economic Prosperity Initiative" (EPI). However, at the same time, effective measures need to be implemented in Georgia in the near future for the purpose of forming the intellectual property market. The country’s economy should be primarily focused not only on the raw materials and agricultural products’ export, but its priority direction should also be export of patents and licenses on the net. 
The statistical analysis relevant court cases allows us to conclude that the qualification of judges who conduct trial proceedings in civil disputes concerning the above areas of intellectual property rights is rather low. It is therefore needed that the above shortcomings are reflected in the academic curriculum of High School of Justice and eventually eliminated through intensive studies of relevant academic discipline. 
Significant changes and additions are needed to the Codes of Georgia, especially to the Criminal Code. The present Code includes only two articles which provide for sanctions against offenses committed in the sphere of intellectual property, which is obviously not sufficient. 
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