Title : Dr. Judit Mátyás from University of Pécs, Hungary began her oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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Challenges of the Global Marketing Communications in Intercultural Marketing (summary)
Abstract: Nowadays one of the biggest challenges of the global Marketing communication is the cultural difference of consumers in foreign countries. Different culture as a very important factor must be taken into consideration of Marketing experts and businessmen because the different needs of diverse customers can be influenced and satisfied by efficient, to the demand of purchasers suitable communication. Many for the Marketing activities of companies important elements of other cultures should be known by companies. Companies can be successfully on the market with the help of the most important information about other cultures. 
The knowledge of the most determining factors of cultures should be brought into focus of Marketing researches. I think that the native language is also a very sensitive part of our personality and of our cultural identity and the effect, influence of the language should be know by Marketing experts too. 
The characteristic of the cultures can be studied on three levels: global culture, the culture of the countries and the cultural characteristics of the ethnic groups (ethno Marketing). In this paper is concentrated on the culture of ethnic minorities. Many ethnic minorities live in the most countries and it is very neccessary to understand, study and know their culture. Tolerance, acceptance and respect of other cultures must be basic values for businessmen, Marketing experts, teachers, researchers, in the framework of scientific inverstigations. If businessmen know and can tolerate other cultures, they can have resolute talk business, companies can sell their products successfully and the different costumer’s wants can be influenced more effectively. In this paper my research will be presented in which I studied the challenges of intercultural Marketing. Online advertisement for minorities and the central role of their mother tongue are brought into focus. 
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