Title : Dr. Eka Gegeshidze from The University of Georgia, Georgia began her oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/12/2013
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Economic Development and Intellectual Capital in Georgia (summary)
Abstract: In the XXI for economic well being measured by GDP is becoming more and more useless. For policy makers very important economic well-being process management. GDP growth or decrease is results of economic producing power, the results never can be managed, there should be managed activities which are causing the results, for that purposes there is created full of measurements assessing indicators which are showing problems of the non-sufficient GDP growth. GDP does not include variables such a knowledge and skills of the society. Service industries is dramatically increased in the last 30 years and competitive advantage in Industrial Economics is shifting from material and financial assets to intangible assets. Human development Index is one of the ratio which is measuring economic educational and health of the nation. There is also the Global Competitiveness Index, which is shows economic development issues in the country. Scientifics are making different assessments and measurement indicators of the Intellectual capital one of them is National efficiency Index of Intellectual capital. 
Aim of the paper is studding the connections between Economic Development (ED) and Intellectual Capital (IC).There is demonstrated in the Paper different measurement approaches and different countries cooperative analyses. The paper presenting Intellectual capital of Georgia and problems of its development, including brain drain, showing expenditures in the educational and health systems in Georgia. 
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