Title : Miss. Sana Ahmed from NUST Business School, Pakistan began her oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/11/2013
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Human Capital Management through Entrepreneurial Education at Higher Education Institutions - Myth or Reality? (summary)
Abstract: This paper attempts to reiterate the restrictive role of entrepreneurial education in the creation of jobs and views it as a very myopic idea. It attempts to present that entrepreneurial education not only increases the employability of university students, but also helps in human capital management by creating a specific mindset and imparting set of skills which has its own importance in a personal and professional setting. This is often ignored in the literature of entrepreneurship. Moreover, in most of the existing literature, a lot of stress has been placed on viewing entrepreneurial education as the only way to survive in the time of economic crunch and job shortages which is right on its own. But, this framing of the scenario not only discourages the young minds but also make them very skeptical of their future, contributing to marring creativity necessary for generating innovative ideas even needed in the traditional corporate employment setting. 
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