Title : Dr. George Chiladze from Samtskhe-Javakheti State University, Georgia began his oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/11/2013
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Modern Statement of Intellectual Property in the Higher Education Sector in Georgia(summary)
Abstract: Raising public awareness on Intellectual Property (IP) is essential in Georgia. It is a means to encourage innovation and creativity among the young people. It is necessary to increase the teaching of IP in Georgia’s school and university curricula. We can introduce public awareness programs as part of our national IP strategies. 
The main objectives of the business of education, taking into account factors related to acquisition of professional skills in the field of intellectual capital management, are: 1) the examination of conceptual foundations of modern management principles and innovative business and the management of intellectual capital; 2) the formation of innovative thinking, the ability to anticipate and make own custom solutions in the process of intellectualization of education, industry and the changing demands of the innovation market; 3) the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills in making effective decisions in the field of intellectual capital, possession of the basic techniques of communication and of the working methods in calculations and solution of various problems. 
Business education, acquisition of skills in the field of intellectual capital management contributes to the internationalization of the entire system of education, establishment and development of the practice, the relationship and the mutual influence of national models of educating the managers, gives the opportunity to identify own place within the emerging intellectual community and industry. 
In Georgia, in the first place it is necessary to create a chain (idea-research-patent-license-technological product), allowing a university and a scientist to reap benefits of their scientific work and commercialize the research. 
Georgian universities should be closer co-operating with the technology and Innovation Transfer Center, because this structure serves the purpose of bringing together inventors and business entrepreneurs which will promote commercialization of innovative inventions. 
It is important that the science management course is introduced on different faculties (law, economics, sport etc.) of Georgian universities, focusing on future scientific research and contemporary requirements for management of scientific researches, including issues pertinent to IP. 
Proceed from the above it is necessary to make the appropriate changes and additions to such laws of Georgia as "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On General Education", "On professional education", "On the development of quality education", "On special education" as well as in other laws of the Republic. 
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