Title : Dr. Khaled Asfar from Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan began his speech.
Date inserted : 9/11/2013
News content :
Current and Future Trends in the Innovation Centre and Technological Incubator at JUST University (summary)
Abstract: The Center of Excellence for innovative Projects at Jordan University of Science and Technology houses the Technological Incubator. The Technological Incubator was started in 2011 one year before the Innovation Center. This incubator is the only one of its kind in Jordan as most other incubators are IT and ICT incubators. In spite of their young age, both are striving to achieve excellence in performance. The talk will focus on current projects (startups) housed in this incubator, their progress, and the regulations and procedures that govern various activities of the incubator. Current active projects include The Water Piston Marine Engine, Catamaran Boats, The Novel Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant, and the Microfluidic Blood Testing units. Progress of these projects will be discussed and prospects for Spinoffs will be assessed. Future projects will also be presented and discussed. 
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