Title : Key speakers in IICM2010
Date inserted : 9/21/2010
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Keyspeakers in IICM2010:

Dr. Yousef Sobouti
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)
The Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran
Third World Academy of Sciences(TWAS)
Head of Steering Board

Dr. Jalil Khavandkar
Director of Zanjan Science and Technology Park
Research & Technology Consultant in Alzahra University
Global Knowledge Map
Conference Chairman

Dr. Samarth Dahiwale
Clarion Park,Pune,India
Dr. Babak Akhgar
Sheffield Hallam University

Dr. Ahmad Faris Ismail
International Islamic University Malaysia
  Dr. Jafar Mehrad
Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC)

Dr. Rasim Hasanov
Institute of Science Studying Economic
Research  of Azerbaijan State Economic University
  Dr. Jafar Tofighi
Former Minister of MSRT

Dr. Avaz Bayramov
Azerbaijan State Economic University
  Dr. Reza Maknoun
Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT)

Dr. Mosa Jawad Aziz Al-Mosawe
University of Baghdad
  Dr. Norodin Saidov
Tajik National University

  Speakers of specific session:

Dr. Mohammad Reza Sahandi
Bournemouth University

Dr. Alireza Allahyari
Iranian Research Organization of Science and Technology (IROST)

Dr. Saeed Habiba
University of Tehran (UT)

Dr. Hojat Hajihoseini
Research Institute for Technological Development Studies (RITDS)

Dr. Ebrahim Moini
Iranian Research Organization of Science and Technology(IROST)

Are the key speakers in IICM2010 will be held on 6 and 7 October.

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