Title : List of accepted papers for reports
Date inserted : 9/21/2010
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List of accepted papers for reports:

Over 310 valuable papers received to IICM2010 Office, along referee, 20 papers accepted for report.

Authors should correct their papers regarding IICM2010 comments and send proper poster content and few slides for confirmation.

Certificates will be given after presentation and the final panel in witch the questions should be answered by authors. Conference fee will borne by IICM2010 Office for responsible author.

(For more details about papers, like: abstarcts and authors, please click here)

  Code Title
1 IICM2PT0021661 Developing a model for measuring intellectual capital of universities
2 IICM2PT0061720 Investigation of Intellectual Capital Management effects on Organization Productivity(Case study: Saipa automotive manufacturing co.)
3 IICM2PT0061729 Use of TRIZ in Invention Evaluation as an Intellectual capital
4 IICM2PT0011759 The role of knowledge management structure in creating human capital of an organization
5 IICM2PT0061772 Personel's Intellectual Capital Management during Group Thinking in Decision Making Process
6 IICM2PT0061785 Designing the Knowledge Management Establishment Model in State Organizations (Case-Study for Tehran Municipality)
7 IICM2PT0031787 Judicial precedent, trade mark & trade name
8 IICM2PT0061796 Managing Intellectual Capital in UK Higher Education: A Student Perspective
9 IICM2PT0061819 The effect of Client participation on service quality improvement
10 IICM2PT0061834 The relationship between intellectual capital and organizational
11 IICM2PT0021854 The Investigation intellectual capital among companies based in Yazd Science and Technology Park
12 IICM2PT0021862 Comparative assessment of intellectual capital in public and private banks in Isfahan, view of their managers
13 IICM2PT0061872 Using of intelectual organization wealthes in developing technology poceses of robotic instruments with TRIZ aspect in Iran Khodro Press Shop Department
14 IICM2PT0061879 Measuring Customer-based Brand Equity in Service Section
15 IICM2PT0061884 Study and Appointment Effective Important Indicators of Human Capital Measurement
16 IICM2PT0041895 Social capital management for Regional Development
17 IICM2PT0051918 The strategic role of social capital on economic development(Gachsaran IAU-branch)
18 IICM2PT0051928 The role of student's cultural associations on social capital advocacy
19 IICM2PT0041930 The role of student's cultural associations on social capital advocacy
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