Title : List of accepted papers for poster presentation
Date inserted : 9/20/2010
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List of accepted papers for poster presentation:

Over 310 valuable papers received to IICM2010 Office, along referee, 38 papers accepted for poster presentation.

Authors should correct their papers regarding IICM2010 comments and send proper poster content for confirmation.

Certificates will be given after presenting the poster and final panel in which the questions should be answered by authors. Conference fee will borne by IICM2010 Office for responsible author.

(For more details about papers, like: abstarcts and authors, please click here)

  Code Title
1 IICM2PT0051784 Deal speed of convergence capital human in between zone-different IRAN
2 IICM2PT0051824 Investigation the Impact of Intellectual Capital on Export Behavior of Industrial Firms of Iran
3 IICM2PT0051882 The role of social capital based approach to intellectual capital in economic development organizations
4 IICM2PT0051899 Theinvestigation short run and long run human capital effects on economic growthof Iran
5 IICM2PT0071702 Entrepreneurship students a way to improve the intellectual capital of universities
6 IICM2PT0071746 Corporate Social Responsibility, A new approach to intellectual capital in value
7 IICM2PT0071791 Intellectual capital theoretical framework for the entrepreneurial learning organization
8 IICM2PT0011660 Social capital impacts on complexity leadership’s functions in Complex Adaptive Systems
9 IICM2PT0011794 The Role Of Human Capital in Intellectual Capital Of Organization
10 IICM2PT0011827 The relationship between social capital and Knowledge sharing
11 IICM2PT0011836 Role of Internal Branding in Service SMEs
12 IICM2PT0011896 The models of intellectual capital management in universities
13  IICM2PT0011907 Study on effect of social capital on Intellectual capital
14 IICM2PT0021676 Evaluation of Intellectual & Social Capital of Companies Ranked by Iran’s High Informatics Council
15 IICM2PT0021692 Evaluation knowledge creation and intellectual capital in banking industry
16 IICM2PT0021721 Assessment of intellectual capital elements in educational cooperatives with fuzzy approach
17 IICM2PT0021733 Evaluation of intellectual capital and its disclosure by firms
18 IICM2PT0021829 Predicting the Organizational Intelligence from Intellectual Capital Components in Mazandaran Payame Noor University
19 IICM2PT0031839 Intellectual property rights and its requisite
20 IICM2PT0061659 Organizational Subcultures Management
21 IICM2PT0061664 Human Capital: Concepts and Models
22 IICM2PT0061717 Role of the Opportunities Emerging Participation based Internet Technologies (Web 2.0) on Intellectual Capital Management
23 IICM2PT0061732 Explanation of Relation between use’ s rate of IT and degree of realization of dimension of learning organization in sport’s federations of Islamic republic of Iran
24 IICM2PT0061739 Design model for knowledge management settlement
25 IICM2PT0061755 The Role of Intellectual Capital in the Implementation of Knowledge Management: A Case Study
26 IICM2PT0061760 Importance of patents and thier information as intellectual capitals
27 IICM2PT0061814 Appraisal Organizational learning ( A Case study)
28 IICM2PT0061835 Explanation of knowledge management in the development of the knowledge of human capital in organizations
29 IICM2PT0061848 Prediction of the Women’s Knowledge workers productivity
30 IICM2PT0061850 Survey relation between intellectual capital dimension of organization and scale influence for earn agility
31 IICM2PT0061875 Attitude reengineering in higher education
32 IICM2PT0061889 Innovative Atmosphere Relating to Success Factors of Entrepreneurial Managers in the Organization Agility
33 IICM2PT0061914 Challenges Ahead and Intellectual Capital Management, Emigration
34 IICM2PT0061915 Integrated Information systems based model for tacit knowledge management
35 IICM2PT0041654 Business Philanthropy for Empowered Economy
36 IICM2PT0041715 The role of intellectual capital in the creative class measure: Provinces of Iran
37 IICM2PT0041919 Social capital in third world
38 IICM2PT0041933 Intellectual capital management in IR Iran police organization
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