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Organizers and Sponsors

Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences(IASBS)

Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC)

International Organization for Science and Technology Education

International Journal of Economics and Business Administration

Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

Digital Ecosystems and Business Intelligence Institute
Curtin University

International Network for Availability of Scientific Publications

International Islamic University Malaysia

Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology(IROST) General Administration of  University Entrepreneurship Development

Azerbaijan State Economic University

Tajik National University
Ministry for I.C.T
 High Council of Information Technology

Regional Information Center for Science & Technology 

Tajik National University of Commerce

Kabul Medical University

Institute for Comparative Law
University of Tehran

Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
(National Commission of ISESCO)

Association for Scientific Development of Iran  

International University of Business Agriculture and Technology ( IUBAT)
Northern University Bangladesh

Khorasan Science & Technology Park

Science & Technology Park

Iran Management Association
Ministry of Industries and Mines
High-Tech Schemes

Research Institute for Technological Development Studies (RITDS)

Alzahra University 

Institute of Entrepreneurship
& Service of Tajikistan

Iranian Association for Ethics in Science and Technology  

Institute for Trade Studies & research

Iranian Accounting Association

Industrial Research and Training Center of Iran
Women`s Research Center

Institute for Research and Training in Management

Iran Energy Science and Technology Park
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