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Paper Topics
    All papers should address the conference topics and can describe a wide range of research including empirical or theoretical studies, and should be submitted via conference website. Papers should not have been published elsewhere and should not be intended to be published elsewhere during the review period.

The conference topics are:

IC Concepts and Frameworks:
Human Capital ♦ Structural Capital ♦ Market Capital ♦ Customer Capital ♦ Stakeholder Capital ♦ Brands and Trademarks ♦ Organizational Capital ♦ Process Capital ♦ Renewal and Innovation Capital ♦ Intellectual Property ♦ Business Recipe ♦ Business Intelligence ♦ The Dynamics of Intellectual Capital ♦ National Innovation Systems ♦ Relational Capital ♦ Knowledge and Information Assets/Capital
IC Valuation, Reporting, Accounting & Measurement:
IC Registration, Documentation, Statements ♦ Intangible Assets Identification ♦ IC Valuation ♦ Knowledge Assets Valuation ♦ Intangible and Intellectual Capital Accounting ♦ IP Valuation ♦ Brands Valuation ♦ Methods of IC Reporting ♦ Impact of IC on Market Value and Book Value ♦ IC Statements and Financial Statements ♦ Human Resource Accounting ♦ IC Measurement Models ♦ Indices, Metrics and Factors in IC Measurement ♦ Descriptive Models for IC Measurement ♦ Market Capitalization Models(MCM) ♦ Direct IC Models(DIC) ♦ Scorecard Models(SC) ♦ Return on Assets Models(ROA) ♦ Visualization Models(VIS) ♦ Prescriptive Models for IC Measurement ♦ Measurement Models for Knowledge Assets/Capital
Economy & IC:
Intangible Assets and Resources ♦ Benefits and Limitations of the IC Metaphor ♦ Strategic Alignment ♦ Value Chain & IC ♦ Intra/Inter Organizational Relationships ♦ Architectures for IC Systems ♦ Intellectual Capital Development ♦ New Aspects of Knowledge Management ♦ Integration of Knowledge from Different Groups in an Organization ♦ Knowledge Creation and Sharing Mechanisms ♦ Customer Knowledge Management ♦ Learning Organization ♦ Brands Management ♦ Human Capital Management ♦ Management of Innovation and Intellectual Property ♦ Alliance Management ♦ KM Skill of Leadership, Coaching, Mentorship ♦ Technology Management ♦ Cross-cultural KM ♦ IC Centers Across the Globe
Law & IC:
Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) ♦ Brands and Trademarks Laws ♦ Memorandum and Agreement ♦ Patents and Goodwills ♦ New Alliances
Management & IC:
Intellectual Capital of Nations, Regions and Cities ♦ Deregulation, Liberalization and Privatization ♦ Knowledge Economy ♦ Intellectual Capital and Stock Markets ♦ IC across Boundaries ♦ Intellectual Capital and Global Economy ♦ Finance and IC
Society & IC:
Identity and IC ♦ Socio-Technical Frameworks ♦ Experiential learning ♦ Participatory learning ♦ Social Networks ♦ Culture and Ethics Management ♦ Knowledge Society ♦ IC and National/Ethnic Culture ♦ Novelty ♦ National Policies and IC ♦ Mapping, Analysis and Social Epistemology
Entrepreneurship & IC:
Intellectual Capital for Universities and Research/ Manufacturing/ Health/ Sport/ Art/ Cultural Organizations ♦ E-Families and IC ♦ IC Role in Entrepreneurship ♦ IC and KM Case studies ♦ Business Philosophy and IC Resourcing
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