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     The preliminary objective for holding International conference on intellectual capital management (IICM) is bringing together varied groups of people with different perspectives, experiences and knowledge in one location. It aims to help practitioners find ways of putting research into practice and researchers to gain an understanding of real-world problems, needs and aspirations to identifying and surveying intellectual capital development potentials, specifically in Middle Asia, Middle East and Iran. Researches show big portion of intellectual capital has not utilized correctly or has misused, because of lacks in identification and assessment, poor communication and relations, weak integrated registration systems, prohibitions, immigrations, low rate of technology achievement index, tardy in globalization and etc.
Holding of IICM in 2009 and 2010 has motivated people from different countries in objected regions and so more, has shown a huge potential of participation in other continents. We have found out wide range of needs and interests in developing and underdevelopment countries in IC management fields. We have received so many papers (299 submitted papers in IICM2009 and 311 papers in IICM2010), participating requests and greeting letters in this two events from different countries and academicians, which have motivated us to follow our vision to holding IICM continuously.  And across to this, founding first regional IC center in Zanjan Science and Technology Park(ZSTP)s to communicating Middle Asian and Middle Eastern academicians and organizations in IC fields. This IC center will be help to making possibilities for mutual IC developing projects in regional wide, which is very important to our Region and now it has a wide range of effect in 5 continent both in theory and experince in real workspace.
According to this, IICM will be place to annual gathering of academicians and a place to sharing finding, researches results and experiences. Following this objectives, IICM2012 will be held to introduce result of in-depth researches and experiences in classification, management requirements and models for further defining and evaluating the intellectual capital.
It seems to us, this conference will be useful for managers and analysts of stock market, CEOs especially financial managers of private and public sector, entrepreneurs, accountants, teachers and students of related fields. The committee hopes that holding this conference will be effective for organizations to manage and measure the intellectual capital. Naturally we predicted that the novelty of these issues will tail some challenges. We will appreciate if you inform us of your views and comments and our special thanks for sending your researches in this field. We will use your comments and views. The IICM conference is seeking quantitative, qualitative and experience-based papers from industry and academe.
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