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     In the first International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM 2009) We have had 3 fruitful opening remark from Dr Abdulaziz Othman altaweijri the Director general of Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Debra Amidon, the Mentor of Entovation Global Network and the 3rd from International Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE).
Dr Jafar Mehrad the Director General of Islamic World Science Citation Database(ISC), Dr Behrangi the Head of Persian Gulf Division of IOSTE, Dr Yousef Sobouti from Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), Dr Alimullah Miyan the vice chancellor of IUBAT International University in Bangladesh, Dr Towfiqi the former minister of high education of Iran, Dr Riazi the chairman of Iran High Council of Information Technology, Dr Mobashery chancellor of Alzahra University, Dr Faizali Kamilov chancellor of Institute of Entrepreneurship & Service of Tajikistan, Dr Shamsul Haque vice chancellor of Northern University of Bangladesh, and some other scientists from Iran, Middle east, Far east, Mead Asia, and India Semi Continent was the lecturers of IICM2009, had been selected from 299 received papers for IICM office.
Participants in IICM2009 visited Zanjan Science and Technology Park (ZSTP) then as a side result of conference: Regional IC Center Office started to work in ZSTP.
Closing ceremony of IICM2009 has been held on the second day of conference.
For future, we will publish the papers in an Economics and Business Journal and we will prepare for 4th International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management as scheduled in www.iicm.ir.
We look forward all IC stakeholders in IICM 2010.
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